2018 Fall Physics Colloquium 

강연일자: 2018. 10. 16. 화. 오후 5시

장소: 아산이학관 433호

강연자: Kfir Blum (CERN / Weizmann)

강연주제: The hunt for dark matter across theory space

Overwhelming cosmological evidence point to the existence of dark matter.

What it is, we do not know. Models span 90 orders of magnitude in dark matter candidate mass, ranging from primordial black holes at 1060, to ultra-light scalar fields at 10-30 times the mass of a hydrogen atom. 

I will highlight some key developments in the hunt for dark matter across this vast Theory Space. 

Focusing on occasions where well-understood cosmological phenomena allow us to draw robust constraints, I will explain how: 

(i) the transparency of the Universe to low-energy photons constrains primordial black hole dark matter.

(ii) the structure and assembly history of galaxies constrains ultra-light dark matter.

(iii) unitarity in basic quantum mechanical processes constrains thermal relic (WIMP) dark matter, and suggests an Ultimate Target for dark matter searches.