2018 Fall Physics Colloquium 

강연일자: 2018. 11. 6. 화. 오후 5시

장소: 아산이학관 433호

강연자: 김기환 (Tsinghua University)

강연주제: Quantum computation and quantum simulation with  trapped ions

The trapped ion system is a promising physical platform for a practical large-scale quantum computer or quantum simulator. The main advantages of the trapped ion system compared to other competitive systems are the long coherence time of a single individual qubit and high fidelity gates, which enable us to perform a quantum simulation or computation with leading number of qubits. In this colloquium, I’d like to introduce a trapped ion system and to discuss how to use the system for quantum simulation and quantum computation with exemplary experimental demonstrations that have been performed in our group. And I’d like to discuss how to scale up the trapped ion system to demonstrate the quantum ability beyond the classical power of computation through our current developments.