2018 Fall Physics Colloquium 

강연일자: 2018. 11. 13. 화. 오후 5시

장소: 아산이학관 433호

강연자: 이필진 (KIAS)

강연주제: How Quantum Superstrings Count Classical Geometries

The superstring theory is more than a single model for a single universe, but admits countless possible solutions, often involving Calami-Yau manifolds as hidden internal geometry. This has lead to problems and controversies, but, from this immense diversity, emerge unexpected computational tools. In this talk, we will review one such prominent example, widely known by the name of Wall-Crossing, where the quantum nature of superstring theory solves enumerative problems of the modern geometry and supersymmetric path integrals are turned into exact counting tools, transforming the old quantum mechanics to a new kind of mathematics.