Advances in Direct Measurements of Cosmic Rays

서은숙 교수

(메릴랜드 대학교)

2024년 7월 3일(수) 16시

아산이학관 433호

Cosmic ray research remains at the forefront of scientific inquiry, promising to reveal new facets of the universe. Recent advancements, including discoveries of excess positrons and various spectral features such as spectral hardening around ~200 GV in primary nuclei as well as secondaries, have reinvigorated this field. Space missions, such as AMS-02, CALET, DAMPE, and ISS-CREAM, continue to push the boundaries of our knowledge. These endeavors provide not only a deeper understanding of cosmic ray propagation but also offer a potential avenue for shedding light on the elusive nature of dark matter.  I will discuss some of recent results and their implications, particularly unexpected findings from space based experiments together with long-standing open issues and the outlook for the field.