Title: Symmetries and quantum fluctuations in the Universe

Date/Time: Tuesday, 27 April, 2021 / 5:00 p.m

Speaker: Prof. Sunghoon Jung (Seoul National University)

Abstract: Symmetries have played central roles in understanding the deeper nature of the Universe. The Higgs boson and the gravitational wave (GW) are no exceptions. Symmetries are, however, particularly mysterious or powerful for them. First of all, it has been believed that some undiscovered symmetry will explain the Higgs mass, but none of them were discovered. Rather, recent works show that such symmetry effect may emerge out of quantum fluctuations in the earliest Universe during inflation. Secondly, symmetries, albeit broken, also dictate how GWs preserve the information of dark matter out of path integral. With these examples of latest researches, I will talk about how particle physicists are exploring the Universe beyond the horizon.